Thursday, September 21

Broken Window In Music Building- Possible Vandalism?

by Stephen Rudge

Trevecca officials are monitoring the music building a little more closely after a widow was reported shattered yesterday.

A student notified security around midnight Jan. 31 that the window facing the quad was broken.

“It could have been broken accidentally. I have no idea how hard it is to break the glass in the music building,” said Norm Robison, director of campus security.

Though no object was found inside the room, officials think it was an act of vandalism.

“The break in the window was too high and too small for someone to reach in to hit the crash bar. We think it was vandalism.”  said David Diehl, chairman of the music department. “We think an object was thrown through the window, but we did not find the item that was thrown. Our hope is this was a one-time random act. We will monitor the situation.”

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