Monday, October 2

Trevecca A.D. making plans for new conference play

By Tyler Comer
Trevecca athletes will face new opponents next year as the school transitions to a new Division II conference.
Part of becoming a Division II school has meant finding a new conference home.  Trevecca did that in February when it joined the newly forming G-MAC conference.
But, athletic director Mark Elliott won’t get rid of all of Trevecca’s NAIA rivals.
“I wanted the coaches to play a 50-50 schedule between Division II and NAIA schools,” Athletic Director Mark Elliott, said.
It will still be another year before Trevecca teams will be eligible for NCAA tournaments as mandated by NCAA rules for schools transitioning to a new conference.
But, officials plan to let athletes compete in an unofficial G-MAC tournament.
“Next year the G-MAC will be recognized as conference but will not be active, therefore we will not be eligible for their postseason,” Elliott said. “However we will play a partial conference schedule and have our own postseason conference tournaments.”
The G-MAC consists of six schools right now with the goal being to get to 16 in the future with two 8-team divisions.
“It’s a waiting game,” Elliott said. “ We have two schools right now that are interested to apply.”
The G-MAC has a goal of having at least 2 more NCAA active schools to join the conference by this time next year.
Also, Trevecca will keep is association with the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) so any teams that finish with a record of .500 or better will eligible for those tournaments as well.

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