Thursday, September 23

Elections continue for Trevecca’s Student Government

By Katie Schimmelpfennig

Trevecca’s associated student body executive council of SGA is nearly filled and class council elections are happening now.

The final member of ASB, the Darda (yearbook) editor, is currently being elected. She, Mounika Ramaji, is running unopposed.

Current junior class president, Sam McDonald is running for senior class president against Roger “Dale” Mattox.

Brian Johnson is running unopposed for senior class social life director, and Jonathon Wright is also running unopposed for senior class communications director.

Sydney Maxfield and Jonathan Brooks are running for junior class president. Jesse Fortner is running unopposed for junior class communications director.

Brian Brinkman and Montgomery Sparrow are running for sophomore class president. Nikolas Polk, Erin Wiese and Chelsea Hardy are running for sophomore communications director.

Shelby Bowman is running unopposed for sophomore class vice president. Brendan Arnold is running unopposed for sophomore class social life director. Cassie Hunt is running unopposed for sophomore class student services. Anna-Laura Green is running unopposed for sophomore class chaplain.

Elections run through Thursday at 7 p.m. at lunch and dinner at the SGA booth in Jernigan Lobby.

Positions where no students are running will be conducted next fall, said Johnna Hill, ASB vice president who oversees elections.

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