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ASB officer bio; Jeff Byler

ASB officer bios

Name: Jeff Byler

Position: TIA Director or TIA Commisioner

Age: 21

Major: Religion

Hometown: Savannah, GA

How should students contact you?

Through the Facebook page! Everything that happens in intramurals goes through Facebook. Find me at

How do you plan to stay connected to students to make sure their voices are heard?

I try my best to make relationships with guys and girls that are involved and seem to really be interested in intramurals. I love hearing their ideas, opinions, and thoughts on different activities. Also, the Facebook wall is pretty much an open forum.

What, in your opinion, are the three most important issues facing students at Trevecca and how will you address them?

I think any and every college student at some point on their journey struggles with identity and a sense of belonging. Through the fellowship and community that can be found in intramurals, I hope that many can find a comfort in the activities we provide. I hope others find the relationships that I have found while being involved.

When you are faced with big or important decisions what do you do?

I talk to both my close friends that support me and people that have shown interest and involvement in intramurals. Having heard their insight, I usually weigh the pros and cons, and then make the decision that best suites the students and TIA.

What are your two top priorities for the position you hold?

1. To be a safe, fun organization where God is honored in and through our activities.

2. To be prompt, communicative, and overall excellent in everything I do.

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