Monday, October 2

University improves Greathouse Science Building, labs renovated

By Amy Taylor

Trevecca’s classrooms, chemis- try and physics labs to be com- pleted by fall 

A new elevator and improvements to the stairway, floors and lab equipment in the Greathouse Science Building are some of the renovations this past year, and students can expect to see more renovations to the building in the next year.

Administration officials plan to renovate the chemistry and physics labs this summer, said David Caldwell, executive vice president for administration and finance.

The plan is to move the physics lab from the third floor to the fourth floor of Greathouse, Caldwell said. The classroom on the third floor will then be renovated into a normal, multipurpose classroom.

Renovations will begin June 1 and are expected to be completed by the beginning of the fall semester.

The cost of renovations will be around $800,000, Caldwell said.

The money will be pulled from university operations money.

Administration decided to begin renovating Greathouse last year because Trevecca was losing science majors, Caldwell said.

But in the fall of 2011, after Greathouse renovations had been completed, the largest enrollment increase came from the science and math programs, according to the article “Fall enrollment increases” posted on Trevecca’s Web site.

Administration has been trying to take the Greathouse renovations slowly over the years, Caldwell said.

Two years ago administration made plans to build a new science building. They soon realized that “it was an extensive plan,” Caldwell said.

There were also no donors for the renovations, and administration is still trying to save money for a new fine arts building sometime in the future, Caldwell said. Because administration wants to save money, they decided to work with what they have instead of starting from scratch, Caldwell said.

In addition to lab renovations, administration also plans to update the lights and fire alarm system and renovate the offices and hallways on the second floor so that they’ll have “a fresh look to them,” Caldwell said.

Administration would like to see renovations money come from donations, but “in the meantime, we’re just moving forward the best we can and improve facilities so that the educational system” is the best it can be, Caldwell said.

Administration plans to have all Greathouse renovations completed by the summer of 2013, Caldwell said. The overall cost of renovations will be about $3 million.

Trevecca’s cadaver lab is to double in size, will now hold eight bodies    

The lab on campus that holds dead bodies for physician assistant students to study is going to be expanded.

The cadaver lab, which hasn’t been updated since it was built in the mid-90s, currently has enough space for four bodies. The expansion will double that number to eight bodies.

The lab is primarily used by Trevecca’s physician assistant program, said David Caldwell, executive vice president for administration and finance.

The PA program has grown in the past few years, Caldwell said. This means that a growth of the cadaver lab is needed as well.

The cost of renovating the cadaver lab will be about $400,000, and the renovation money will come from university operations cash flow, Caldwell said.

PA students attend school year round and are usually busiest in the summer, Caldwell said. To help assist students during that busy time, administration plans to have the cadaver lab renovations completed by June when PA students begin their next round of school, Caldwell said.

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