Thursday, September 28

Lent: self-examination and repentance

By Brennen Finchum

Coffee for water. Facebook for real conversations. TV time for prayer time. No more snooze button. These are some examples of how Trevecca students are disciplining themselves right now in preparation for Easter.

Lent is a time when Christians fast as part of self-examination and repentance in order to prepare for celebrating the resurrection.

This ecclesial season had its beginnings in the 2nd century A.D. and became more prominent during a church council in the 4th century.

Lent is commonly thought of as a Catholic tradition, but it is observed by many other denominations such as Episcopalians, Methodists and Presbyterians.

In the Nazarene church, the 40-day journey is observed and practiced by some, but there is nothing to be said of it in the denomination’s manual.

Many Christians are practicing Lent today because of a desire to get back to practices that are grounded in church history, said Brent Tallman, Trevecca’s director of campus spiritual formation.

From the early church to today, Christians have practiced Lent to redirect their attention to God in everyday actions.

“It’s to recognize that this is something I choose to live without so I can focus that energy on offering more hospitality to God,” Tallman said.

Greg Steward, a senior business major, picked up practicing Lent on his own. Sometimes his sacrifices are for self discipline and other times they’re a way to strengthen his relationship with God.

This year, he’s giving up listening to music in his car.

“There’s been times when I don’t want to get out of the car now,” Steward said.

This season is equally beneficial for communities as a whole as it is for indi- viduals. This season is about participating together, said Tallman.

Trevecca will be hosting four chapels on Lent during Holy Week (the week lead- ing up to Easter). There will also be a praise and worship chapel after Easter break to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

To see dates and descriptions of these chapels, visit http://www.trevecca. edu/campus-life/spiritual-life/chapel.

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