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ASB officer bio; Tyler Whetstone

ASB officer bios

Name: Tyler Whetstone

Position: TrevEchoes Editor-in-Chief

Age: 19

Major: Communication with a focus in journalism

Hometown: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

How should students contact you?

Email is the best way for me to be contacted about things concerning TrevEchoes or Trevecca in general:

How do you plan to stay connected to students to make sure their voices are heard?

If students will keep in contact with me, then I will do my part in taking notes at SGA meetings, and listening to student concerns whenever I can.

What, in your opinion, are the three most important issues facing students at Trevecca and how will you address them?

  1. Rumors. Rumors run amuck at Trevecca, and I think that my staff and I have the capabilities to prove those rumors true or false by doing good journalistic work.
  2. Not attending events is something that frustrates me, and so I would consider it a big issue. I would work to advertise online and in TrevEchoes to make sure students get bombarded with events.
  3. To be in the world, but not of it is something I think many Trevecca students face, and something that somehow be represented in TrevEchoes. Whether that’s Trevecca friendly venues, or different pieces on popular subjects. I will know when you email me and tell me what is important to you.

When you are faced with big or important decisions what do you do?

I will take a few minutes to clearly think out my options, whether that is with a chart or reflection, I will do my best to carefully choose the best decision.

What are your two top priorities for the position you hold?

  1. The TrevEchoes readers are easily my top priorities. I could run into issues of censorship, but students on campus pay the same tuition I do to come here, and deserve to be informed on campus worthy news.
  2. Accuracy has to be in my top five somewhere, so I’ll place it here. What good is a newspaper, campus oriented or not, if it isn’t accurate and trustworthy? I wouldn’t read stuff that I couldn’t back up, and so TrevEcheos won’t publish news that it cannot back up.

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