ASB officer bio; Adam Crum

Name: Adamson Crum

Position: Director for Social Life

Age: 20, 21 in May

Major: History Education

Hometown: Irmo, South Carolina

How should students contact you?
If you have my number a text message is best, if you don’t email is the best I check it often.

How do you plan to stay connected to students to make sure their voices are heard?
I am always around. I love staying connected with the students. If you have a problem or you need a favor I am always happy to help if I can. I don’t bite so if you have an issue please share it, just be respectful but that goes without saying.

What, in your opinion, are the three most important issues facing students at Trevecca and how will you address them?
1. I want to get participation up in all the events. The only way I can do that is communicate as best I can to everybody.
2. Students want something different. I am going to try to introduce some new events, maybe during welcome week or welcome back week. I think it’s good to give the students something different to enjoy.
3. Make Trevecca a closer community. We suffer, like most private schools, with cliques. It’s ok. But when it comes to events I think we need to make sure that everyone is included. I will make it a point to include everyone, if they want to come to an event there will be a place for them.

When you are faced with big or important decisions what do you do?
Ask for help. I do not think there is anything wrong with asking for help. As long as it is to make the event better. If you’re lazy and ask for help then that is stupid but if you legitimately need help then ask. That can only make things better.

What are your two top priorities for the position you hold?
Plan awesome events for every student.
Plan events regularly so there is always something to do. No one wants to sit in their dorm room for a whole Saturday afternoon.

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