New ASB executive council winners announced; run-offs continue

By Katie Schimmelpfennig

The chaplain, TrevEchoes editor-in-chief and Trevecca intramurals director positions for the Associated Student Body executive council for SGA are filled for next year.

However, all three current candidates for director of student services will compete in another run-off election Thursday and Friday.

Jenna Taylor will be chaplain, Tyler Whetstone will be TrevEchoes editor-in-chief and Jeff Byler will be Trevecca intramurals director.

Chelsea Hardy, Kristin Lester and Graham Scott will all compete in another run-off election after no candidate won a clear majority.

Elections will be held Thursday and Friday during lunch and dinner at the SGA booth in Jernigan Lobby. The candidate with the most votes will be elected.

“There will be a two-day election on Thursday and Friday for all three candidates and with Dean Harris’ pending approval the winner will be decided by the candidate with the most votes, not the majority,” said Riley Wampler, student body president.

Trevecca’s current ASB executive council met Wednesday at 10 p.m. to vote on the next step of action.

According to the SGA constitution, elections must be held for at least three days.  But the candidates for director of student services who don’t win might want to run for class council positions in elections next week, so SGA’s executive council voted to shorten the voting time to allow them the option of running for a class position.

Steve Harris, dean of student development, will also have to approve this vote in the morning, Wampler said.

Taylor, a sophomore and current ASB chaplain, won over Dillon Jones in the run-off election to be chaplain again next year.

After being appointed to serve the remainder of this year, Taylor is excited to continue to serve students.

“I’m excited to be in the position again and too see what the next year holds,” she said.

Whetstone, a sophomore currently studying at the Washington Journalism Center in Washington, D.C., ran unopposed for TrevEchoes editor-in-chief.

Byler, a junior, also ran unopposed for his current position, Trevecca intramurals director.

Whetstone and Byler received a majority vote.

Elections for class councils will begin Tuesday at the SGA booth in Jernigan Lobby during lunch and dinner.

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