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ASB officer bio: Riley Wampler

Each year Trevecca students elect classmates to serve as their voice on campus.  Student government leaders plan events and communicate with the administration on the behalf of students.  The TrevEchoes has asked each member of the executive council some questions, including how you can contact them and what they think the most important issues are on campus. Each day we will feature a council member.  Up first: SGA President Riley Wampler.

ASB officer bio

Name: Riley Wampler

Position: ASB President

Age: 20

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Lenoir City, TN

How should students contact you?

The Caf, the quad, and in between classes is always a great place to talk about issues that students would like to see addressed. It’s so much easier to really communicate when the conversation is face to face. However, my memory isn’t always as sharp as I’d like for it to be, so I almost always ask the person to send me an email to remind me what we talked about. It’s; if you start there, that works too.

How do you plan to stay connected to students to make sure their voices are heard?

Email is the most efficient way. My personal email is always available as well as As in all things we do, Student Government can’t act unless we are made aware of the demand for that action.

What, in your opinion, are the three most important issues facing students at Trevecca and how will you address them?

3. Jobs after college. This is obviously a big issue but it’ll rank as 3rd because to improve the situation, Student Government can only do so much. The problem – jobs are few and people with degrees are plentiful. One way that SGA can help out is through clubs. Taking leadership in or even starting a new club is great leadership experience that will differentiate you in the eyes of employers. Hey, maybe you might even consider being on SGA.

2.  Retention. Keeping students at Trevecca for all 4 years of their education is vital      in so many ways. Possibly the most important is that when retention is up, enrollment is up. When enrollment is up, efficiency is up. When efficiency is up, costs are down. SGA is designed for retention. We’ll continue to improve the ways that we function to help this out all that we can.

1.  Misinformation. Whether it’s an alumni building, parking fees, or textbooks, misinformation spreads like wildfire. Seek the truth and don’t believe everything you hear.

When you are faced with big or important decisions what do you do?

I seek the advice of people that are smarter than I am.

What are your two top priorities for the position you hold?

  1. To make SGA into an organization that students want to be a part of. It’s a lot of meetings, hours, and work, but I believe Student Government is an invaluable learning opportunity.
  2. Our main priority for next year will be to ensure that the elected officials after us are set up for success. The turnover rate in the executive and class council positions is very high, so anything that we can do to decrease the learning curve will be helpful.

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