Thursday, September 21

Trevecca adds 38 more security cameras

By Alex Hall

Trevecca security has improved campus safety in recent weeks by nearly tripling the number of cameras around campus.


Thirty-eight more security cameras have been added to the 16 cameras already placed at different locations around campus.  These cameras ensure no one enters or leaves campus without being seen.

About seven cameras were first installed on Trevecca’s campus a few years ago. A few cameras have been added every year, but the addition of the new 38 has been the biggest addition yet and the project cost Trevecca approximately $58,000.  Most of the cameras being installed are high quality Sony cameras wired to a network managed by ITS.

While the cameras may not actually stop crime on campus, officials hope they will deter crime.

“[The cameras] won’t prevent crime. It’s one of the factors in helping improve safety on campus in the matter of deterring,” said Norm Robinson, Trevecca’s director of security.

If any offenses do occur though, the cameras will make it easier for security to review the cameras and catch the individual responsible for the crime.

Security has the ability to log into the security system not only from Trevecca but also from home. The footage from the cameras can go back as far as 14 days.

The cameras are a proactive measure as Trevecca does not have a large amount of crime on campus, Robinson said.

“We’ve had pretty low incident rates every year,” he said.

Officials plan to add more cameras in the future, Robinson said.

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