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Q&A with Jamie Grace Harper, former Trevecca student nominated for a Grammy

By Katie Schimmelpfennig

When you turn on the television to watch the Grammy’s this Sunday you just might see a familiar face.

Jamie Grace Harper, a former Trevecca student, could win a Grammy for her hit single “Hold Me.”

Harper, 20, went to Trevecca for her second semester of her freshman year, spring 2009.  Then, she posted a music video on YouTube.

TobyMac, a Christian recoding artist, best known as being a member of singing trio DC Talk, saw the video and decided to produce her debut EP, “Hold Me.”  The song is nominated for the 2012 Grammy Awards for the best contemporary Christian song.

In between touring and finishing her college degree, Harper answered a few questions for the TrevEchoes Online.

The 54th Grammy awards

Feb. 12 at 7 p.m. central time on CBS


Q: Where were you when your first heard “Hold Me” on the radio?

A: I was actually in Nashville. I was visiting and having dinner with my friend Grace. We were getting in our cars to leave when I cranked up my Honda and heard Toby’s “I love I love I love,” and we got out of our cars and danced around the parking lot. It was too much fun. I’ll never forget that.

Q: What’s it like working with TobyMac?

A: He’s so legit. Ultimately, it’s surreal, as I’ve listened to Toby’s music since I was a newborn, and he’s just as cool as I thought he’d be. He’s like having a really cool uncle that can help you write songs, make an album, encourage you in your walk with the Lord and he just so happened to be the guy that wrote “Jesus Freak.” I feel so blessed to get to work with one of my role models and I still find it crazy that a video I posted on my YouTube page from my dorm room started it.

Q: Where was your favorite place you’ve toured so far?

A: Last October I was the opening act for TobyMac and the Diverse City Band’s Canadian tour. I loved going to Canada and experiencing the culture especially in provinces where most of the people only, or primarily, spoke French. I love being in situations where I can learn about a new culture and spend time with people who can teach me something new.

Q: Favorite class at TNU?

A: I loved all of my classes actually. I was studying film and loved it so my favorites were probably Professor (Jeff) Frame’s classes. I still dabble in filmmaking a little and have involvement in my music videos. The film classes I took at TNU definitely gave me perspective.

Q: Favorite Trevecca memory?

A: I absolutely loved Friday Night Live. I laughed so hard and was really impressed with all of the students who contributed. Also, with TNU being in Nashville, I loved the opportunities for musicians on campus. I definitely got some great experience playing at different events. I also loved the day our lovely RA’s in Johnson Hall took us to Adventure Science Center. We all went hoping to have fun yet knowing it would be mostly kids there. Even so, it was pretty awesome.

Q: What book are you reading?

A: Mostly only textbooks right now. I am excited about doing a particular book review; it has to be on Steve Stockman’s “Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2.”

Q: Last song you listened to?

A: Dear Diamond by Miranda Lambert.

Q: Post Grammy Nomination, What’s changed the most?

A: Not much has changed. I have an amazing family that keeps me grounded and great friends who I’m certain will be there if I never cut another record, which I don’t think (will) happen.  If anything school has been interesting because I don’t get to attend as much as I’d like. So when I’m there I often hear, “Wait… You still go here?”

Q: What advice do you give Trevecca students who want to pursue a career in music?

A: Keep God first and have fun. I know that sounds cliche but when asking God to take the lead in our lives we can only succeed. In regards to having fun, just don’t stress too much over making it a career. Work hard, take chances, check out auditions but make sure that the main reason why you do what you do is to please the one who gave (you) the gift – he’ll do the rest.  And put your music on YouTube.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I’m about to start The Revolve Tour for my second year and after that do the festival-run (playing) all over the states with artists like Needtobreathe and Royal Tailor. I’d also love to do more acting in the near future.

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  • Chae' Furr

    I have a soon to be 21 year old son & as I have been reading more & more about Jaime Grace, I feel like I’m reading about my son.
    Not exactly the same experiences but a familiar spirit:-) I’ve passed this link to him because I think her story can give him clarity
    In his purpose. He’s been spiritually experiencing some different connections with
    God. And is seeking him to get confirmation &
    Clarity. Thank you for being so transparent.

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