Monday, October 2

Trevecca students raise money for reentry into Croatia

Croatia Project team (left to right): Jerry Romasco, Emily Humble, Brittany Argabright, Hope Brock, and Michael Hendricks

By Amy Taylor

A group of five Trevecca students and alumni need to raise about $100,000 if their dream of establishing a Nazarene ministry in Croatia is going to come true.

The Trevecca students, who will serve as Mission Corps volunteers through the Church of the Nazarene, are planning to leave for Croatia in August  as the Nazarene Church’s first missionaries there in five years.

“It’s a really good opportunity and a huge step for the Nazarene Church letting college students go in,” Emily Humble, a member of the team, said.

A special chapel service held last week raised $7,350. About $1,450 was donated by students and $5,900 was donated by faculty through payroll deduction.

“I was really surprised,” Humble said.

All funds raised so far total around $20,000 of the estimated $120,000 the team needs to make a one or two year commitment to living in Croatia.

The team, which includes alumni Michael Hendricks, along with seniors Emily Humble, Jerry Romasco, Hope Brock, and Brittany Argabright, is hoping to minister to the Croatians in any way they can, whether that is by playing soccer with them or teaching English, Humble said.

Kathy Mowry, Associate Professor of Mission and Christian Education at Trevecca, wants the team to leave a lasting impact in Croatia, paving the way for other more permanent missionaries to enter the field.

“If we enter Croatia again, we enter to stay. They’ll have that in the back of their minds from the very beginning,” Mowry said.

Talking to people and getting the word out about the Church of the Nazarene’s reentry into Croatia would be helpful, Humble said.

“If [students] know of anyone that can support us in any way, that would be awesome,” Humble said.

Along with the money that needs to be raised, the team is also asking for support is other ways.

“Just really be an encouragement saying ‘Hey, we’re praying for you and super excited for you guys’” is a big way students can help the team, Romasco said.

Missing home will be tough, and it would be an encouragement to know that people haven’t forgotten about the team, Romasco said.

Prayer is also a way to support them.

“That’s a huge way people stay connected,” Romasco said.

To give a donation or to learn more about the Croatia trip, visit the new Web site:


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