Tuesday, October 3

Self-Service to replace IQ Web: students will register for classes at their convenience

By Rachel Swann

The way students manage their college life online is getting a big facelift.

Homepage of Self-Service (screenshot from ITS)

Starting next month, students will be able to register for classes online, pay their account balances online and stop keeping track of passwords for their different Trevecca accounts.

IQ Web, Trevecca’s current web application, is being replaced by a new application called Self-Service.

Trevecca has used IQ Web since 2003 for registration and grade viewing. The system is due for an upgrade, and Self-Service is the revamped face of the all of the features of IQ Web.

“I think it is going to be a very positive change,” Leigh Anne Duvall, senior systems analyst at Trevecca, said.

With Self-Service students will still have access to final semester grades, unofficial transcripts, course listings, account balances and course schedules just as with IQ Web, Duvall explained.

Self-Service is more modern and offers a few new features. School account balances can be paid online, refunds can be directly deposited into bank accounts, and the user name and password will be the same as the rest of the Trevecca network services.

The new program will allow students to register themselves for classes through Self-Service.

“The major change is students will now be registering themselves,” Becky Niece, registrar, said.

The process used for registration now requires students to meet with faculty advisors to plan the next semester’s schedule. Then the advisor has to manually register students for classes on IQ Web.

But the university does not want to take away from faculty/student relationships. The new system will still call for students to meet with advisors to discuss class options, but it is the students’ responsibility to login to Self-Service and register at their convenience.

“One element we didn’t want to give up was that time students have with advisors,” Niece said.

To be sure students know about Self-Service and how to register in the fall, ITS and Academic Records will advertise the system through screen savers, slides on the Trevecca channel and emails. During registration trained employees will be stationed in campus computer labs to assist students with the process.

“I hope students are happy with the change,” Niece said.

Self-Service will replace IQ Web May 21 and be available to students May 24 at ss.trevecca.edu. Look for email updates on Trevecca’s email account as the date approaches.

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