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New club reels in student interest

Blake Walters measuring his fish during the Tournament on Lake Okeechobee on Feb. 27, 2010 (Photo Courtesy of FLW Outdoors)

By Adam Wadding

Grippie Lawson and Blake Walters packed their bags and their bait and drove south to fish for bass as Trevecca’s first participants in a college fishing tournament.

Lawson and Walters are among 10 other interested students who are in the processes of forming the first fishing club at Trevecca.

The clubs purpose as stated in their Bylaw, “to encourage camaraderie, sportsmanship, integrity, conservation, and development of the skills and knowledge needed to be successful anglers by competing with other schools in FLW National Guard College Fishing tournaments.”

Don Harvey Professor of Graduate Psychology, who participates in fishing tournaments with professional anglers mentioned to Sam Harris Dean of Student Development two years ago, that there were college fishing tournaments taking place around the country. It wasn’t until now that other students began to express interest in starting a club of their own where they could participate in these tournaments.

This may be Trevecca’s first fishing club, but there was once a fishing class that focused on Angling. Trevecca President, Dan Boone was a student of the class.

“There isn’t a faculty sponsor appointed at this time, but interest has been high”, Harris said.

“There will be probably be four or five sponsors at the rate of interest the faculty is showing right now,” said Harris.

The club doesn’t receive any money from the university. Members will try to raise the funds needed for tournaments and traveling expenses by hosting fundraisers, or placing high enough in tournaments they participate in.

Nation Guard FLW College Fishing is the country’s largest tournament circuit for college bass clubs, where University and College clubs across the nation compete for rewards and chances to fish with the top fishers in the country.

Both guys and girls are welcome to join, but only guys have expressed any interest so far. Many students have shown interest in fishing, and are excited to get the chance to participate in a club that revolves around the sport.

“It’s a unique club, and a good way to pursue an interest in fishing if you have one,” said Harris. “I never thought the opportunity for this club would have been there.”

The club is still young, and hasn’t had a formal meeting. Students involved in the first tournament did get together and discuss their plans for their trip, and other fishing strategies that would help them competitive against some of the top fishing universities in the country.

“The tournament was a great experience and a lot of fun,” said Lawson. “Blake and I both caught fish, but his was the only one big enough to turn in.

Trevecca ended up placing 33rd out of 40 in their first tournament, and still have 3 more chances to place in the top 5, and move onto regional’s.

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