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Cast of four performs "The Glass Menagerie"

By Adam Wadding

Four students performed , “The Glass Menagerie,” as the first performance to kick of the spring semester, and  has been added to the list of performances put on by Trevecca’s Theatre program.

The cast of  four was small enough to be performed in the round, where seating was arranged where the audience sat around the stage, giving them a more personal experience.

The play revolves around a small family living in the 1930’s. Narrated by Tom, the son and also brother of two characters, he tells the tale while usually smoking a cigarette out on his porch.  With hopes of getting a “gentleman caller,” for her daughter, Amanda Wingfield does everything in her power to give her daughter the life that she once had as a young woman.

“I have always liked the Glass Menagerie because its theme is so universal and still so personal, and speaks so strongly to the modern American experience,” said Professor Frame who is producing and directing the show.

The idea of doing a smaller production was set into motion this past summer, long before the Theatres stage was condemned after their last production of, “Seussical the Musical.” Rehearsing began in November, and cast were given more than two months to prepare for their onstage performance.

Having such a small cast required even more help from crew. In such a rare occasion, there is more behind the scene crew members than the cast itself.

“We really need students who are interested in construction work,  and who like to build things, to be a part of our set construction,” said Frame.

The opening performance welcomed a big audience with more than 40 attendees.

“First performance went very well,” said Frame. “A preconceived notion is that people wait till after opening to go because there are problems that we usually  rehearse and work out after.”

Although the opening weekends third performance was cancelled because of  weather, performances of the show continued on February 4 through Feb. 6 at 7 p.m., and a matinée at 3 p.m. on Feb. 6


Cassie Hamilton

From: Efland, North Carolina.

Role in Play: Amanda Wingfield

Other Productions: Smoke on the Mountain, Nunsense, Into the woods, A Winter’s Tale, Little Women the Musical, You Can’t Take It With You, Peter Pan, The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, Suessical the Musical

Favorite Production: “It’s so hard to choose a favorite that I have been in but I can pick about 4. “Smoke on the Mountain” is defiantly the top because I was coming in as a freshman and it was a complete surprise to be a part of such a great cast that ended up laying down a foundation in lifelong friendships. Some of my favorite roles played here would have to be The Baker’s Wife in “Into the Woods”, and Jo March in “Little Women the Musical” both have made me a better actor. They have pushed me in a direction and made me take risks other roles have not really allowed me to make until now. I feel in love with the characters. Of course I have enjoyed all of the shows here at Trevecca and everyone i have had the privileged to work with.

Experience in the Theatre Program: “It’s hard to really think this is my last show here but I just feel the time has come.  As much as I might ache to audition for a show come next fall during my extra semester I just felt to end it now with such a great cast as this has been be a wonderful memory and can be added to my favorites. I’ve learned so much once again and am playing opposite some of the finest talent at Trevecca who all have more shows ahead of them and so in a way I look forward to coming back to see them in something and then to say “I knew them when!”

Future: “I plan to hopefully go to Chicago, IL after I finally graduate, to try theater and improve up there. I’m going to miss theater here where I felt so at home and learned so much.

Curtis Nathan Curry

Year: Sophomore

From: Louisville, Kentucky

Role in Play: Jim O’Connor

Other Productions: Little Women, You Can’t Take It With You, Peter Pan, Seussical.

Favorite Production: “Probably Little Women. It was my first play/musical at Trevecca. I remember how exciting it was stepping out on that stage for the very first time. There was so much heart in that play. It’s such a sweet love story and the music still makes me cry everytime I hear it. It’s a production that I will never forget and one that will always have a very special place in my heart.”

Experience in the Theatre Program: “Being a part of the Trevecca Theatre Program, I have learned the importance of teamwork and working together in order to tell the story. One thing Jeff Frame always told me is that “it’s not about us. It’s about the audience.” It has made me a better storyteller and a better person. It has been a really humbling and beneficial experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!”

Future: “After I graduate, I hope to become a teacher or a professional cartoonist, but one thing I would also like to try is voice acting. I’ve always wanted to be a cartoon character!”

Mica Massie

Year: Freshman

From: Erin, TN

Role in Play: Laura Wingfield

Other Productions: Seussical the Musical

Favorite Production: The Music Man

Future: I hope to work at a center for performing arts or attend law school.

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