Friday Night Live returns to campus

by Zach Farnum


FNL cast dance to popular songs

Trevecca students packed Benson Auditorium Friday night for two consecutive showings of “Friday Night Live.”

The annual SGA sponsored event is one of the most anticipated student events of the school year.

“[FNL] has developed a reputation for being extremely entertaining and funny with great production, while gently poking fun of ourselves,” said Matt Spraker, associate dean of students for community life.

The night, hosted by fiancées Amanda Grieme and CJ Bradley, included a plethora of skits and videos put together and performed by students and echoing well-known sketches from NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

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You’ve got mail

By Jessy Anne Walters

Framed in the wall across from the Hub is the warm smile of Paula Jones, or more commonly known as Miss Paula.

Happily handing a student their parcel, she calls them by name and asks about their studies and family back home.

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Ice dam causes ceiling to collapse in mens’ apartment


Photo by Craig White

By Christy Ulmet

Craig White, Sean Kilpatrick and Caleb Willis were gifted with a skylight in their apartment, or rather, a giant hole in the ceiling and tons of insulation scattered all through their living room.

Last week’s winter weather caused the ceiling to collapse Sunday morning in the three mens’ living room, leaving them with a gaping hole above them covered by a tarp until further notice.

The hole was caused by what is known as an “ice dam,” which occurs when ice that has accumulated on roofs melts into gutters and then refreezes.

Ice damming has caused issues all over Middle Tennessee in the past week as a result of the ice and snow storms. Dan Boone, university president, is also cleaning up from an ice dam that collapsed in his home over the weekend.

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Religion professor wins Teaching Excellence Award

By Jessy Anne Walters

Photo courtesy of Trevecca Marketing Department

Photo courtesy of Trevecca Marketing Department

A religion faculty member who is known for cheering on Trevecca sports teams and making students in large classes feel like more than number is the recipient of this year’s Trevecca Teaching Excellence Award.

Michael Jackson, associate professor of religion, on Thursday was named the 2015 recipient at the annual Teaching Excellence Convocation. [Read more…]

Basketball coaches set win records

By Collin Welker

Both of Trevecca’s basketball coaches have made school history this year.

Sam Harris, the men’s basketball coach, has now won 326 games as Trevecca coach. Gary Van Atta, the women’s basketball coach, passed the 600 win mark in January and now has 190 wins at Trevecca under his belt.

“There is not a win that really pops in my head. We have beaten ranked opponents before,” said Harris.

Chris Elliot, junior shooting guard on the men’s team, said playing for Harris means being pushed to be the best on and off the court.

“He’s a good guy, leads by Christ, and pushes us to be better athletes on the court and better people off the court,” said Elliot. “It is really cool knowing you are a part of history when you leave here.” [Read more…]

Frost quakes cause a scare in Johnson Hall


Portrait of Sadie Johnson

By Olivia Kelley

A weather phenomenon called a “frost quake” had girls gathered in the lobby of Johnson Hall late Wednesday night when they heard what they thought to be the ghost of Sadie Johnson, the woman the dorm is named after.

Cryoseismic booms, also called frost quakes, are a weather phenomenon that typically only take place in Northeastern America and Canada. According to the National Weather Service, these booms occur when frozen water quickly expands into the ground. When the pressure releases, the explosion takes place, causing the boom. These booms were heard all over middle Tennessee Wednesday night and are harmless.

“It sounded like a hammer was hitting the wall,” said Sophie Green, sophomore. [Read more…]

Rachel Held Evans speaks at Trevecca


By Christy Ulmet

Thursday morning, Trevecca brought in a special guest named Rachel Held Evans to lead the weekly chapel service. She told a story about a yearlong experiment she tried, which led her to the conclusion that, “It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it.”
Evans, New York Times bestselling author of “A Year of Biblical Womanhood” and blogger, spoke Thursday morning in chapel, and she will be back tonight as a part of the Common Ground series.
Evans has written three books about her experience growing up in the church and wrestling with some of the hot button topics, such as changes in the modern church, biblical womanhood and learning to admit that we don’t know everything, and that it’s okay to ask questions.

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