Gospel Choir takes the CMA stage for the second time

Gospel Choir singing with LeAnn Rimes at CMA Country Christmas

Gospel Choir singing with LeAnn Rimes at CMA Country Christmas

by Olivia Kelley

The Trevecca Gospel Choir will make its second appearance on the CMA Country Christmas special on Dec. 3 at 8 p.m. on abc.

The 12-member choir spent most of the day on Saturday Nov. 7 at the Grand Ol’ Opry recording “Celebrate me home” and “Joy” with famous country artists LeAnn Rimes and Jeniffer Nettles.
This is the second time the choir was asked to sing for this event after performing “Go tell it on the mountain” with Sarah Evans at last year’s show.

“This year was a totally different experience, because it was at the Opry,” said sophomore music major, Taylor Cardiff.

Cardiff said it was a big change from last year, when they sang at Bridgestone arena.

“I think one of the reasons they asked us back is because when we were in the green room, the stylists made the statement that our group was the most well behaved and cordial and friendly group they ever worked with and they hoped we could do it again,” said Marvin Jones, gospel choir director. [Read more…]

Trevecca’s annual homecoming kicks off tonight

Homecoming-EE-EventTrevecca’s annual homecoming celebration is set to kick off tonight with the Homecoming Banquet in the Boone Convocation Center.

Every year, Trevecca brings in alumni from all over to celebrate Homecoming. Last year, roughly 1,600 people attended and this year they are expecting as many as 2,000 to show up.

“A lot of alumni enjoyed their time here at college and feel connected to the campus community. It’s a reminder of the past, but also a way for people to keep up with what’s going on currently at their alma mater,” said Michael Johnson, director of alumni and church engagement.

Some of the more popular events include the Town and Country Showcase on Friday night at 7 p.m. and the parade and street fair, beginning on Saturday at 11 a.m. There will also be a new event this year called a Hymn sing at 3 p.m. on Friday that will feature songs and stories many alumni will remember from their time here. [Read more…]

Gospel Choir gets ready to sing once again for CMA Country Christmas

by Olivia Kelley

The Trevecca Gospel Choir has been asked to sing at the CMA Country Christmas Show for the second year in a row.

Twelve members of the TNU Gospel choir will be recording with country artists LeAnn Rimes and Jennifer Nettles for the annual Country Christmas show on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

A CMA representative reached out last year to request the gospel choir sing with famous country star Carrie Underwood at the CMA’s. They performed Underwood’s song “Something in the water” live with her at the awards. They also performed “Go tell it on the mountain” with country artist Sara Evans at the Country Christmas show.

“Historically, they’ve used Belmont and Lipscomb. They thought it would be a good idea to reach out to a different school so they called us last year,” said Marvin Jones, the gospel choir director. “A couple weeks ago, (she) called me and asked if we would come back again this year and I said, ‘Let me think, yes.’”

A slightly different group of students will be going this year than previously. There will be quite a few fresh faces, with only a couple of repeats from last year.

This is great publicity for Trevecca and even helped a couple of students get internships and make connections last year, said Jones.

“I think one of the reasons they asked us back is because when we were in the green room, the stylists made the statement that our group was the most well behaved and cordial and friendly group they had ever worked with and they hoped we could do it again,” said Jones.

The country Christmas show will be recorded in front of a live audience on Saturday, November 7th. An air date and host has yet to be announced for the show.

Fall musical opens Thursday


by Brittni Carmack

After six weeks of rehearsal, Children of Eden, the fall musical staged by theatre students in the Trevecca Department of Communication, will open Thursday in Benson Auditorium.

Children of Eden is a two-act musical with music and lyrics written by Stephen Schwartz and book by John Caird. The musical was inspired by the events that happen in the first 10 chapters of Genesis.

“Children of Eden tackles the complex story of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel in Act 1, and takes a hard look at Noah and the Flood in the second act,” said Jeff Frame, professor of dramatic arts and communication.

Frame said the show is directly related to Trevecca’s mission. [Read more…]

Students can now file work orders for dorm room repairs

Miranda ceiling

photos of the ceiling collapsed on Stanfield’s shower that she posted on Facebook

Miranda ceiling 2

photos of the ceiling collapsed on Stanfield’s shower that she posted on Facebook

by Olivia Kelley

When the ceiling in Miranda Stanfield’s shower in Johnson collapsed 10 minutes after she got out of the shower, she was frustrated.

She had filed five work orders with the Trevecca plant operations department and they had been to her room twice to look at or repair the leak in the ceiling.

In her frustration she posted photos and comments on her Facebook page.

The post got 31 comments and 66 “likes.” Over the next several weeks other students posted their frustrations with perceived needed repairs in their dorm rooms or bathrooms. They hash-tagged #experiencetrevecca, the hashtag used for Trevecca marketing.

Glen Lithicum, director of plant operations, said his staff went in to look at the problem in Stanfield’s room and did repair the leak about a week before the ceiling fell in. The repair didn’t stick, however, and the leak returned, causing the ceiling to collapse, he said.

“It’s just a simple repair, but in hindsight, when you look at it, there are over 1,500 toilets on campus and sometimes the repairs just don’t take,” said Lithicum.

Plant operations received approximately 1,366 work orders for the months of August and September alone. They are staffed with about 23 workers total–nine of those are maintenance workers.

[Read more…]

No arrest made yet in on-campus robbery

by Olivia Kelley

An arrest has yet to be made since a Trevecca student was robbed Friday night on campus.

At 9:35 pm on Friday two Trevecca students were walking past the Trevecca Healthcare Building to the Boone Business Building when they were followed by three males and one female.

At the driveway of the health center one of the suspects grabbed one of the student’s purse in an attempt to steal it. The student held on to the purse, while the other suspects came to help the one trying to steal it. One of the suspects reportedly put his hands around the student’s throat while she and the other girl screamed for help, according to an incident report from Metro Police.

The strap on the purse broke and the suspects ran off with it.

Suspects were seen getting into a navy blue Chevy Impala, according to a campus-wide email from Greg Dawson, Captain of University Security.

“We haven’t had something like that happen in a very long time,” said Norman Robinson, director of university security.
“As seen in the Annual Security Report, this type of incident is rare on Trevecca’s campus and we are diligently working with the Metro Police Department,” states the email. “We have requested increased patrols and TNU Security will have an increased presence in the area to deter crime and promote safety and security.”

Trevecca security officials are requesting that anyone with information about the incident please contact Robinson or Dawon at 615-642-3523.

“Be aware of your surroundings and if you see something suspicious, report it to TNU Security,” states the email. “As always, TNU Security will escort anyone on campus to their residence hall, vehicle, classroom, etc. Just call Security and we will make sure you arrive at your destination safely.”

Urban Farm goes off the grid with new solar panels

By Christy Ulmet

Two large black panels hang above the door on the south side of the barn at the Urban Farm. With just these two panels, the farm is able to sustain its own electricity.

In an effort to be energy independent, the Urban Farm hung the two 100-watt solar panels to power outlets and lights in the recently built barn facility.

The project, which was spearheaded by Chris Farrell, professor of biology and the environment, was funded entirely by grants.

“Projects like these demonstrate that we’re energy independent. We don’t have to even have wires for this. We’re powered by nature,” Farrell said.

Jason Adkins, environmental projects coordinator and farm operator, partnered with Farrell on the project. The pair has some ideas in mind that could potentially be powered by the solar panels.

The farm, which has seen a couple attacks by stray animals, is in need of some good security, said Farrell. In the future, he would like to see security cameras and motion detectors–powered by the solar panels–to keep the animals and the property safe.

“The idea is that we would have a camera or two if people want to look in on the goats for fun or make sure they’re okay. We have a lot of eyes on the campus to help keep the animals safe,” Adkins added.

Farrell, who is passionate about social justice issues, also said that he would like to be able to operate the on-campus farm the way a farm would operate in a third world nation. He added that in third world countries, learning to adapt to what you have in the environment around you is crucial.

“All of our farming techniques are done in a way that can be done in the backwoods of Swaziland, for example. We’re trying to demonstrate things that are possible to do in the third world,” Farrell said.

Farrell also hopes to someday be able to collect rainwater and filter it for the animals in order to avoid high plumbing costs and the need for pipes.

“We want every aspect of our operation to be an expression of the care of creation, of good stewardship, and of consideration for future generations,” Adkins said.


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