Women’s Bible study becomes place of rest and community

By Sydney Wisman

10600541_344397832400760_726745220436190514_nA new women’s accountability group on campus is attempting to offer a safe place for women on campus to talk honestly about their lives.

Kehilah, which in Hebrew means community, is growing each week and now has about 40 attendees.

“We found it was easy to get disconnected with other people,” said Katie Rose Weissend, founder of Kehilah. “I wanted it [Kehilah] to be a space that was free to relax and to be honest, and to talk about deep struggles.”

Kehilah starts off with fellowship, an activity, and then a small devotion. Recently the discussion was about resting in God’s presence. The attendees talked about when and how to rest and the difference between true rest in God’s presence or numbing out with screens and social media.

Then after discussion and prayer with a small group, there is worship under the stars on the lawn.
Girls that attended Kehilah said that it is a good way to build community and it is good to come and de-stress.

“I enjoy Kehilah because it forces me to slow down and intentionally spend time praising God,” said Kate Meyer, freshman.
Kehilah is also aiming at strengthening relationships with classmates.

“My favorite part about Kehilah is the small group time. Even if I don’t know some of the girls, I get to know them on a deeper level. The biggest impact of Kehilah so far is building relationships,” said Charis Simms, junior.

The attendees of Kehilah get many opportunities to connect with one another throughout the group session.
“My favorite part would have to be how it has helped to develop connections and friendships,” said Meyer.

Kehilah is open to all female students at Trevecca and meets at the Pavilion at 9 p.m. on Mondays. Connect to the Kehilah Facebook page here.

My Big Fat Greek Homecoming

By Taylor Brady

It will be a big, fat Greek homecoming this year.

SGA voted unanimously on this year’s homecoming theme. After kicking around a couple Greek-themed ideas, the homecoming committee proposed two ideas to the full SGA. The two finalists were “The Rise of Troy” and “My Big Fat Greek Homecoming.”

“The first one would have been more serious and looked at as a more intimidating,” said Athyn Galardi, SGA chaplain, “My Big Fat Greek Homecoming just sounded like a comical, more fun experience for all the students.”

Homecoming is Nov. 6 through Nov. 9.

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What to do in Nashville on Fall Break

By Maci Shingleton

Fall break is here and with just a few days off and a few dollars in the bank, many Trevecca students spend the mid-semester break in Nashville.

But, that’s not all bad. Nashville is a destination city for tourists on fall break. Grab your friends, or potential friends, who are in town for the break and check out some of Nashville’s attractions.

Here a few ideas to get you started:

  • Visit a Corn Maze – Grab your friends and load up the car. While it may not be easy to find a corn maze near the slide scanned by slrobertson.comdowntown area, there are plenty of fun corn mazes not too far from campus. Shuckles Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch is just down the road in Gallatin and Lucky Ladd Farms is in Eagleville. Lucky Ladd Farms leaves the corn maze open after dark. Just make sure you bring your own flashlight. Visit their websites for directions.
  • Make a Difference at the Movies – Our top pick is The Good Lie, a film based on the true story of the Lost Boys refugees from Sudan. It stars Reese Witherspoon and a cast of real life refugees. Although the movie is entertaining, it is also sure to challenge the viewer. (Watch trailer here) This movie is sure to open your eyes to the need refugees in Nashville are facing and Word Relief Nashville could use volunteers. Visit wordreliefnashville.org to find out more information and find volunteer opportunities.
  • Recharge and re-caffeinate – If you haven’t had a pumpkin spice latte yet, you’re way behind. Nashville is known for having some of the coolest coffee shops and they are sure to put you in fall break mode. baristaCheck out Woodbine Coffee and Barista Parlor if you haven’t already. Or go to Fido in Hillsboro Village and after you grab a cup of joe walk across the street to the used bookstore. You’ll be sure to get some delicious caffeine restoration and a quality Instagram photo.
  • Be a tourist for a day – If you live in Nashville, it’s cool to think country music is uncool and to hate on the rich music history music city holds. Take advantage of fall break to see what all the fuss is about. Don’t be afraid to be cliché. Take a tour at the Country Music Hall of Fame, go for a carriage ride around Broadway, tour the Ryman, and see a show at the Grand Ole Opry. There is a reason Nashville attracts so many tourists each year. Don’t miss out.
  • Get outside – If the weather allows, make sure and get outside. Go to the Parthenon and take goofy pictures with your friends. Feed the ducks by the pound. Play a good game of ultimate. Hammock under a tree. Get some fresh air since you’ve been stuck in class most of the semester. If you haven’t heard of or climbed the hill on Love Circle on West End, go have a picnic there with your friends. Or, visit the hill at night and look at the city lights. On top of Love Circle, you get an incredible view of the Nashville city skyline.
  • See a concert–Keep the lively music scene in mind. Don’t miss a good concert. Download the app “Bands in Town” to keep up with who will be in Nashville and where.

What are your ideas? Tweet them to us @trevechoes.

President Boone has conversation with students about alcohol in round table discussion

By Maci Shingleton

photo (1)A local Anglican priest and the president of Trevecca Nazarene University hosted a round table discussion on Christians and alcohol.

The forum, created as a chance for students to ask questions about Trevecca’s alcohol policy, was hosted as way to create an open dialogue about faith and drinking.

Around 50 students squeezed into the CLCS Fireside Room to participate in the discussion.

The Church of the Nazarene Manuel, a guidebook for members of the church, states that “…our position is abstinence rather than moderation.” Students at Trevecca sign a lifestyle agreement upon enrollment that includes a prohibition on drinking, even after the student is the legal age to drink.

But, as Trevecca’s student body has diversified, for instance 47 percent of students identify as Nazarene while the other 53 percent identify with another denomination or religion, questions about how Christians should handle social drinking are unavoidable.

Trevecca President Dan Boone is aware of this and wanted to create a forum to discuss the issue with students.

Boone was joined for the discussion by Fr. Mike McGhee, assistant rector of St. John’s Anglican Church in Franklin.

McGhee said he believes social drinking once a person is 21-years-old is acceptable, if in moderation.

Boone said people should abstain from drinking in aim to love your neighbor. Boone chooses not to drink in consideration for those who struggle with or have been hurt by the effects of alcohol and is therefore putting his neighbor before himself, he said.

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Students confess campus crushes via TNU Compliments and Crushes

By Maci Shingleton

photo (9)One evening Matt Dyer checked his phone and was surprised by an unusual amount of Facebook notifications.

Dyer had been tagged in comments by his friend Chris Elliot on the TNU Compliments and Crushes Facebook page. As Dyer read the comments, he discovered he had a secret admirer who called herself “Mac and Cheese Girl” and she had been anonymously proclaiming her like for him via Facebook.

The TNU Compliments and Crushes page currently has 922 likes and likely has more readers than the number suggests. The page is a place where Trevecca students profess their love and admiration for others on campus all while remaining completely anonymous.

Students post their affectionate and often humorous comments through a site called AnonyMonkey which allows them to remain completely anonymous. The TNU Compliments and Crushes administrator then collects the anonymous comments and posts them publicly on the Facebook page

“I didn’t know who Mac and Cheese Girl was at the time. I know who it is now. Thank goodness it’s a girl who is serious. I was really scared it was one of my teammates. Luckily is was a girl,” said Dyer, a junior administration and marketing major and Trevecca soccer player.

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Country artist Mary Sarah to perform on campus

By Maci Shingleton

Mary_Sarah_Music_PressPhoto_PhotoCredit_RussHarrington_004_1This afternoon RHA will host the T-Town Hoedown in the Quad beginning at 3p.m. The event will include a mechanical bull, a costume contest, food, and a performance by country artist Mary Sarah beginning at 6p.m.

Mary Sarah is a native Texan who is doing big things in the Nashville country music scene. At just 18-years-old, she has released a duet album, “Bridges”, featuring duets with iconic country music stars like Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, and Vince Gill.

Following her performance, Mary Sarah will meet exclusively with students who are members of CMA EDU for a Q&A session in McClurkan 200.

Students hope to create on-campus dog shelter

By Adam Vaughn

imageA stray dog has a new home thanks to two girls from Tennessee Hall at Trevecca Nazarene University.

“We decided that he needed to be cared for,” said Bailey Basham, a sophomore at TNU and one of the girls who found and cared for the dog.

Basham and Morgan McCranie, an RA in Tennessee Hall, found the Labrador mix on Sept. 14. They gave him a bath and fed him peanut butter sandwiches. The following day the girls took Nelson to the vet to see if he had a GPS chip. He had none.

With no way to find the original owners of the dog, and having nowhere to keep him, Basham and McCranie began looking for a home for him. After contacting several local shelters they were told it would be weeks before they had space for another dog. A friend of a TNU volleyball player is now the proud owner of Nelson.

Nelson first showed up at the volleyball court while they were playing, McCranie said. He followed them to Tennessee Hall after the game.

“This is also the third dog this weekend,” said McCranie, noting the frequency of strays wandering on campus.

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