Former Trevecca student Fancy finds pop music success

By Griffin Dunn

who-is-fancy-glitterA former Trevecca student has found worldwide success in the music industry this year.

Fancy (originally Jake Hagood) is the artist behind the song “Goodbye” and the “Who is Fancy?” campaign. He performed the hit song this month live for the first time on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as his official reveal.

Originally from Bentonville, Arkansas, Fancy attended Trevecca from 2008-2010 where he served as sophomore class president from 2009-2010.

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More than 400 volunteers and campers expected on the farm this summer

urban farm1

Students at Middle School Farm Camp 2014

by Olivia Kelley

While most of the campus will be shutting down for the summer, the Trevecca Urban Farm will still be up and running all summer long.

The Farm usually is far from quiet during the summer months as more than 400 to 600 volunteers work.

“They come from all over,” said Environmental Projects Coordinator Jason Adkins. “Sometimes it’s larger groups like the quizzing groups or Mission Nashville. Other times they come from churches looking to help out.

There will also be several camps taking place on the urban farm as soon as the summer kicks off.

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Trevecca students concerned about chemical used on campus

by Montgomery Sparrow

A Trevecca student is calling for a change in use of lawn care chemicals that could be harmful.

Jenna Daughtry, a senior social justice major, is working to raise awareness of the potential danger of using herbicides on campus with the chemical Glyphosate.

Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide, especially found in the product Round-Up. Glyphosate has been thought to be dangerous for decades, but recent studies bolster the argument that the chemical is harmful. In March 2015, 17 experts from 11 countries deemed glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

“We use it on our campus to get weeds in tree lines and fences,” said Jason Adkins, Environmental Projects Coordinator. “And I feel if we don’t have a campus wide moratorium on these chemicals, it will end up in the places where our students are sitting, in the places where we are growing food to eat, and the places where our bees forage.”

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With summer approaching, some couples face maintaining long distance relationships

noah and ingrid

by Olivia Kelley

Freshmen Ingrid Rekedal and Noah Daniels are getting ready to   figure out how to make their relationship work while being 1,900 miles apart.

The Trevecca couple has been dating for nine months after meeting on campus and have rarely gone a day without seeing each other. But this summer, while Rekedal remains in Nashville to pursue an internship, Daniels will be headed across the country to Idaho.

Many Trevecca couples are facing similar situations as the end of the semester approaches.

According to a survey conducted by, 87 percent of college students have been in a long-distance relationship at some point. Of those, 72 percent were because of internships, study abroad programs, and one or both people going home for the summer.

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Trevecca to highlight local organizations that empower youth through art

La Fille Mal Gardee Large 121

By Bailey Basham

Nearly 100 ballerinas will be on Trevecca’s campus this weekend.

The J.V. Morsch Center for Social Justice will host “The Art of Justice: Using Creativity to Change the World,” a weekend-long celebration to highlight youth organizations in Nashville who use art to do social justice in youth communities.

The keynote event will be the Rejoice School of Ballet spring recital.

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Late night finals help available

By Joseph Hutton


Therapy dogs at Wake the Dead last year

For the first time, Waggoner library and the CLCS will be collaborating to prepare students for finals week.

In the past, Waggoner’s Wake the Dead has allowed students to stay up later to finish last minute work. This year, the CLCS will also be extending its hours.

Starting this Saturday, both Waggoner and the CLCS will provide additional hours, snacks, and Abba Java coffee. Along with academic assistance, fun activities will be offered to give students a break and de-stress. Pet therapy dogs, pizza and snacks, and postcards to send home will be provided at designated times.

Waggoner has encouraged professors to meet with any students Sunday night. The library is hopeful for students and professors to meet for any needed reviews. [Read more…]

Alumn practices his faith at Trevecca Urban Farm

Carlson Gare holding Rosa, one of Trevecca's baby goats.

Carlson Grae holding Rosa, one of Trevecca’s baby goats.

by Montgomery Sparrow

Carlson Grae is finding the Trevecca Urban Farm to be a great place to practice his faith while he’s earning his master’s degree in religion.

Grae, the part-time farm hand, joined the staff last fall.

He provides assistance to Jason Adkins, Trevecca’s Environmental Projects Coordinator, with general activity on Trevecca’s Urban Farm and also is a creative force to create programs to enlist more volunteers.

“I don’t know how I would run the farm without him. He is a creative thinker, a heavy lifter, and a hard worker.” Adkins said. “To be a farmer, you have to be a total person, and Carlson is one of those total people that you hope to come along.”

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